Group Adventure  Tours

Taiwanese Magic Noodle Mountain

At Shiding , a small historical town, a road less traveled, a 30-40 minutes trip to the East of Taipei, is where you’ll find it: a rustic, communal noodle-making party. 

Old Town Tamsui Alleys Walking Tour
Venture out of the busy streets of Taipei to explore Tamsui. Walkthrough the ocean side alleys to explore the hidden lives of the locals. Throughout the tour, our expert guide will share the history of this spectacular historic city.
Fun Pinling
Tea Tour

We’ll take you to experience the aroma of tea. Enjoy a quaint tea lunch box. Learn the intricacies of tea making; learn the best tea brewing techniques. While tea is everywhere, high-quality tea is hard to be found.

Time Travel to Taipei-Dadaocheng 

Dadaocheng, once Taipei’s most important commercial tea trading port, is one of the very first parts of Taipei to make contact with the Western World. 

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