Thanks for attending our first outreach in Tokyo!

Thanks for everyone who came to our first outreach in Tokyo! 🎉🎉
🎬 Event Quick Overview:

Freddie, a Software Engineer from スマートニュース株式会社, introduced the difficulty of creating an open source project in the company. Naoko proposed some ways to contribute your earned skills to open source projects. By doing so, you may be able to help millions of others.

Big thanks to our sponsor partner スマートニュース株式会社 and Happyデジタル (Happy Digital) !
✅ SmartNews:
✅ Happy Digital:



Open UP Summit Tokyo Outreach 圓滿落幕!

【Open UP Summit Tokyo Outreach 圓滿落幕!🎉】
🎬 一分鐘搶先看:

謝謝前來共襄盛舉的朋友們!也感謝 Freddie 和 Naoko 帶來如此精彩的分享。Freddie 分享對開源不同的觀點,帶領大家思考開源的優勢與挑戰,而 Naoko 則分享過往經營開源社群的豐富經驗!

大大感謝 スマートニュース株式会社 (SmartNews) 和 Happyデジタル(Happy Digital),讓這場活動圓滿順利!



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