Meet Open UP Summit staff in Singapore!

Besides 2 meetups in Japan, we also connected with outstanding local speakers in Singapore!

Speaker Sujin Lee, the Web Developer at The Straits Times, is going to share her practical recipe to build overall map visualization process.


Speaker Dickson Tang, Author of Leadership for Future of Work, is going to share with you a simple 3-pillar method so that you can build workplace creativity with ease.


Big thanks to our wonderful sponsor! We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsor, without whom our event would not be possible. We invite you to support these community-minded company.


Our venue sponsor - WeWorkLabs WeWork


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Open UP Summit 巡迴第三站 - 新加坡!

📍 Open UP Summit 亞洲 Meetup 巡迴 📍
第三站 🔜 新加坡!
了解活動 👉
立馬搶票 👉

為了連結更多亞太區開源領域的優秀工作者,我們第三站即將前往新加坡的 WeWorkLabs,並專注於探討活動五大軌道中的 #OpenData#FutureOfWork

我們邀請到在 The Straits Times 擔任 Web Developer 的 Sujin Lee,分享如將 #開放地理資料 視覺化及優化使用者體驗的方式;和 Leadership for future of work: 9 ways to build career edge over robots with human creativity 一書的作者 Dickson Tang,和大家分享在職場中,如何創造、激發更具 #創造力 的環境與心態。對這場活動有興趣的你,千萬別錯過啦!

🎉 感謝 WeWork WeWorkLabs 熱情贊助活動場地 🎉

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