Meet Open UP Summit staff in Seoul!

Meet Open UP Summit staff in Seoul, South Korea!
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At this event, we invited 2 speakers that are into open source and community building. David Lee, Designer at Daylight Design & Design Spectrum, will talk about how he managed complex design problems and inefficiency through code; Yehwan Song, Creative Director, will talk about how she got the idea from open source code and made new connection between open source code and design in order to solve design problems and create content focused design.


We are fortunate to have Startup Alliance and beSUCCESS to be our partner and sponsor for this outreach!

Open UP Summit 巡迴第四站 - 韓國首爾!

📍 Open UP Summit 亞洲 Meetup 巡迴 📍
第四站 🔜 韓國首爾!
了解活動 👉
立馬搶票 👉

之前我們與 LTUX.Taipei 舉辦開源設計交流活動,邀請 Jill 和 Heather 的分享,讓更多設計人了解開源設計的初衷與實踐方法。這次我們把場地移到韓國,邀請到首爾的 David 和 Yehwan 和大家交流!

David Lee 是 Daylight & Design Spectrum 的設計師,Yehwan Song 是創意總監。在首爾的活動中,他們將與大家面對面分享如何透過開源設計、開源程式碼管理與解決設計問題!

🎉 感謝 Startup Alliance 熱情贊助活動場地 🎉
🎉 本活動與 beSUCCESS 共同主辦 🎉

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