What to Expect for Open Source Projects

Open UP Summit welcomes everyone to initiate and participate in open source projects. We hope to attract talents from various fields such as developers, designers and create influential projects with senior industry leaders. Popular projects and selected projects will have the opportunity to present their own open source projects at the summit.

Let’s start an open source project collaborating journey. It’s better when it’s shared. Join a project and continue to contribute to the project. By collaborating with others on projects, you're able to experience a brand-new way of project development. The prominent teams can get a chance to be the speaker and share with nearly 400 participants!



10/14 24:00




Open date of project registration

Deadline of project submission

Audience’s favorite voting period

Announcement of audience favorite project and the list of selected projects for demo at the summit

Demo session in the summit

Who Can Join

Everyone's welcomed and free to join any projects or create your own on our platform!

Project Related Fields

Your project should be related to Open Data, Open Design, Open Vision, Future of Work. The project is not limited to starting from scratch. If you already have an ongoing ready-made project, we’re welcome to let more people collaborate with it together.

  • Data: Use open source data to develop meaningful applications!

  • Design: Brainstorm projects related to the “Open Design”, the hottest topic in open source field!

  • Vision: Generate innovative applications contributed to the development of the overall open source culture, or come up with open source projects helpful to technology companies growth!

  • Future of Work: Open source + Job career =?  Adapt the open source spirit in your new projects related to "Future of Work"!

Join Open Source Projects

Step 1:Choose “Start a New Project” or “Join an Existing Project”

  • Start a New Project

1: Choose a track between Open Design, Open Data, Open Vision, and Future of Work.
   Choose a public published platform (Github/Behance/Other).

2: Fill out the form and join our slack to get your project channel. You’ll then be assigned as the project lead.

3: Check your Project Slack Channel confirmation email.

4: Start your new open source project now!

  • Join an Existing Project

1: Choose an interesting project you’d like to join.

2: Fill out the form and join the Project Slack Channel. You’ll then become one of the project members.

3: Check your Project Slack Channel confirmation email.

4: Start the open source project collaborating journey with your team! 

Step 2:Submit a project or join an existing project by October 9th.

Step 3:Demo your project during Open UP Summit.

During the project collaborating session, Co-Labs members with in-depth experience in open source fields will assist with your projects in Syntrend Star Rocket for three months. Don’t hesitate to submit your idea and projects!

Join Our Slack Channel to Meet Our Community

Everyone starting an open project or joining an existing open project is welcomed to join Open UP Summit Sack Channel to get the latest information of Open UP Summit.

How to join our slack?
Click the "Join Open UP Summit Slack" button in “Call for Project” page and sign up to our Slack Channel. We will then add you into your Project Slack Channel in 24 hours. 

Judging Criteria for Demos
  • 50% of project completion

  • 20% of project growth and design

  • 20% of industry impact

  • 10% of international collaboration

Want to join an existing project ?

Use the laptop or desktop to start a project


Projects are licensed under these two licenses, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and the MIT License. 

Other Terms and Conditions
  • No limited in the number of registered projects.

  • People starting the new project should evaluate the current project progress to decide the project objectives and needs.

  • The completion of the project does not affect the contribution of other projects.

  • Last Project Submission Call: 2019/10/14 24:00

  • People participating in the “Open UP Summit Open Project” should link your project to the correct open source public page (code, design, etc.). Projects with unaccessible links will be canceled the qualification of this event.

  • Projects should not include defamatory or defamatory words or other acts affecting this event. If any of the circumstances above occurred, the organizer will cancel the project registration qualification. If that project is selected for the summit publication, the organizer will cancel its qualification.

  • Projects with plagiarism, irrigation, or violation of the Copyright Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law or other relevant laws and regulations, the organizer will cancel the projects registration qualification. 

  • People who call their projects should be related to Open Data, Open Design, Open Vision, Future of Work. If your project is not related to the five major tracks above, the organizer has the right to cancel the project registration qualification.

Need help with Open UP projects/tickets?

Email us at [email protected] or fill out the following form for your inquiries.

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