Open UP Summit 2019 Recap

Open UP Summit 2019, featuring open source communities, experts and products in Asia-Pacific, took place on the 30th of November and 1st of December in Taipei, Taiwan. Organized by and StarRocket, SYNTREND Startup Foundation. With this vision, the Open UP Summit aims to raise awareness of the importance of Open Source spirit, "It's Better When It's Shared."

Image: Group photo with all attendees, speakers, and volunteers on day 2.

This year, the summit hosted over 35+ pre-meetup, 6 outreach, and invited over 30 speakers to discuss the concept of open source and their practical way on open source projects. Event attendance reached over 200+ attendees, designers, developers, students from various backgrounds, and the gender ratio was 1:1, which was one of the goals when WeTogether and StarRocket initiated the conference planning. Invited speakers shared their insights on why they involved in open source and how their open-source projects are beneficial to the industry. The two-day summit consisted of adventure tours, keynotes, project tables, and workshops.

Image: Attendees during the keynote

First Day: Keynotes, Adventure Tours, Talks, Project Table Demos & Workshops

The first day of the summit featured 6 hours of adventure tours offering attendees and speakers to feel they are in an atmosphere of inclusivity event. Before the tours, Jane Shih and Lawrence Lin shared the idea and the concept of Open UP Summit. Then Tim Salau talked about "How to Thrive in The Future of Work." Building a community, be visible, embrace complexity, be adaptive, and always be learning are the essential things to ourselves. Be bold to be open and embrace every time failure. Tim encouraged us to start to take action to collaborate with others.

Images: Attendees during the keynote

All our attendees and speakers got the swag and giveaways, including a teabag from our sponsor, BY TeaMaster 白青長茶作坊. They also support the Pinglin Tea Tour which mentioned later.

Images: Speakers with our sponsor - BY TeaMaster teabag

After the keynote, attendees and speakers were separated into four tour groups, Shiding Magic Noodle, Tamsui Walking Tour, Pinglin Tea Tour, and Dadaoheng Walking Tour. Each adventure tour had a local professional tour guide explaining the local historical culture and featured food, and icebreaking by featured activities.

Images: Attendees during the adventure tours

Images: Attendees with our sponsor - Dauling

Dauling 元初豆坊, partially sponsored our happy hour after the attendees were back from their tours. They enjoyed the best soy milk (Taiwanese called it "dauling") and tasty tofu pudding. At the afternoon talks, Catherine Gutierrez started her talk "UX and Human-Centered Design for Happiness and Fulfillment" from sharing how to give everyone a voice. The topic is not only for UX designers, but also for developers, designers, and everyone who is interested in the user experience. After Catherine’s talk, Tsao Tai talked about "Building a Thriving Team Culture" and Eriol Fox talked about how they design an open-source software humanitarian tool "Open Source Design with OSS Humanitarian Tech Tools ." During these talks, Tim also hosted a workshop about "The Future Leader: 7 Habits of Dynamic Leadership."

Images: Attendees during the afternoon talks and workshops

Project Tables: Let's have a chat with open source experts

Project Tables is also a featured activity on day 1. We invited speakers and some project maintainers coming to share their open-source projects. Through the conversation, attendees and speakers got more familiar with each open source project and had a wonderful night.

Images: Attendees during Project Tables

Second Day: Talks, Demo & Workshops

The 2nd day of the Open UP Summit consisted of a variety of keynote speeches and workshops. It started with a significant influence open-source project - LASS, "Journey from Maker Project to Civic Science Ecosystem, Take LASS as an Example" from Wuulong Hsu, the founder of LASS. In his keynote, Wuulong shared why LASS is important to everyone and how the community contributed to the project only for a better quality of air. LASS has a spirit of open - its hardware design, its software code, its source code, and its collected data are all open on the internet. Go to LASS website and get more information about LASS.

Image: Speaker Wuulong Hsu, founder of LASS

Polley Wong, Founder of Viu.Space and Co-Founder of WE CREATE GROUP, shared her open-source product - JITA, Just In Time Architecture, also the Open UP Summit Co-lab project. JITA is dedicated to simplifying design and building communication, helping homeowners, architects, and construction project managers streamline and synchronize. At the same time, Yehwan Sung talked about "Having a Wider Perspective" and showed many of her design works. It was so incredibly fantastic.

Image: Speaker Polley Wang and Speaker Yehwan Song

Workshops are also a highlight of day 2. Catherine Gutierrez hosted a "Mapping the User Journey through Open Feedback" workshop. In the workshop, attendees were divided into groups and had to test different apps. It made attendees understand the user experience research flow and shared what they found on the user journey. Then Justine L.T. Chua hosted an "Apply Design Thinking Principles to Create Your Dream Career!" workshop, which helped attendees assessing their career satisfaction by using frameworks and developing a new way to their career.

Images: Attendees during workshops

After lunch, Eriol Fox hosted an "Open Design Workshop for Humanitarian Challenge" workshop. In the workshop, MeiMei Chen, Organizer of Go Honor, and Hung-Wen Lu, a Farmer and also a Typhoon Nepartak victim, talked about what happened after the Typhoon Nepartak and how volunteers help Typhoon victims. Attendees had to use some user experience research frameworks to design a communication tool for the non-profit organization leads, volunteers, and victims. And the last workshop is hosted by Ann Chu, "Drive Innovation by Design Thinking." Ann talked about innovation(creativity) is essential and lead attendees to redesign their daily work experience through their innovation.

Images: Attendees during workshops

Hsin-Chan Chien, CTO of Mirror Media, talked about how he involved in digital news media and brought the open-source idea into Readr, the face of future journalism on "Open Data, Civic Tech and News." The team members are consist of designers, engineers, community managers, product managers. They code, they design, and they write. Readr combines civic-tech and open data, and the team invites readers to join in data collecting, content contributions, fact-checking, and sharing open-source code for everyone to help to produce the most fact-driven news. READr also believes that anyone can change society and news media.

Many more inspiring talks were shared by speakers including Ong Chin Hwee, Data Engineer at ST Engineering; Yu-Hsuan Chen, Senior AI Engineer at III and Project Lead of ZetaGAN; Ann Yun-An Chu, Fr. Sr. UX Designer at Autodesk; Briana Y. Earl, Co-Founder of WE CREATE GROUP; Justine L.T. Chua, Founder of The Bumpy Career; Doan Kieu My, Founder of YellowBlocks; Sam Lin, Project Lead of FindMind; Eriko Toda, CEO of HappyCom; Honki Cheng, Co-Founder of OpenLab Taipei; Denny Huang, Co-Founder of SITCON; Gilbert Su, Organizer of S4A; Chi-Wei Ma, Organizer of Front-End Developer Taiwan; Aaron Huang, Community Manager of Everipedia Taiwan; Shaw Wu, CEO of Data Yoo; Sarah Yang, Talent Brand & Diversity Lead at Getaround; Hsin-Chan Chien, CTO of Mirror Media; William Chang, Co-Founder and CTO of; Sujin Lee, Web Engineer at The Strait Times; Gerard Sans, Developer Advocate at AWS; Ann Liao, CEO of Tong Yi Xin Design Group; Su Tz Jing, 3D Designer at A+A Space; Jackson Guo & Yuffie Chan, Project Lead of Greater Good; Yi-Ying Chen, Project Lead of 20-20 Women Lead Podcast; Thu-Ha Pham, Communication Specialist at UpStar Labs.

Images: Speakers during the talks

Thanks much to our sponsor, Mozilla. Stan Leong, VP and General Manager of Emerging Markets of Mozilla, shared why he believes in open source at the talk "Openness is the Crucial Lesson of the 21st Century" during our lunch time. We also appreciated Mozilla that sponsored 60 females and students to attend the Open UP Summit. One of the students, from Taipei Medical University, wrote a post to share her experience of attending Open UP Summit.

Images: Speaker Stan Leong from Mozilla

As organizers of open source products and projects summit, we aim to bring the open-source projects to everyone. Hence, we provided attendees the opportunity to make connections with speakers. Many speakers attended 2-day activities and supported workshops. We appreciate that our speakers, attendees, and all the volunteers collaborated together to make Open UP Summit a truly amazing journey.

Special thanks to all the attendees, invited speakers, volunteers, and staff for making this event such a success. We are sincerely grateful for everyone engaged in participation and devotion to Open UP Summit. Moreover, we are very thankful for the support from all our sponsors and partners, Mozilla, Dauling 元初豆坊, BY TeaMaster 白青長茶作坊, WeWork Labs, Ambidextr, UpStar Labs, Chateau No.1 Cafe 香豆一號咖啡, Happyデジタル, ElevatHer, LTUX.Taipei, LTUX Tokyo, Women Who Code Taipei, WorkFace Taipei, Fukuoka Now, XChange, PeraPera, Taipei Women in Tech, SmartNews, Nulab, beSUCCESS, Alley, Powered by Verizon.

Image: Speakers and Volunteers

On behalf of the whole event organizer team, we hope everyone received lots of inspiration, new learnings and build meaningful connections at this year's summit. We appreciate that everyone coming all the way to Taipei, Taiwan to join us. Lastly, we have received all of your feedback, which we will definitely take into consideration to continuously improve our summit and provide the best value and experience. For more information about the two-day summit, additional featured photos or to be informed about next year's Open UP Summit, visit our website and Facebook Page, and subscribe to our newsletter to get more information about open source products and projects! The recap video of the summit will also be released soon on the website.

Image: Group photo with all attendees, speakers, and volunteers on day 2.

See you soon in Open UP Summit 2020.

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