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Headquartered in New York, JITA is dedicated to simplify design and building communication, helping homeowners, architects and construction project managers streamline and synchronize. As open source contributors ourselves, we’re actively seeking individuals who are dogmatically user focus, technically hands-on, adapts, and learns new technologies quickly to join our core team to innovate and create. Our current founder member openings are:

- Senior Software Engineer (Founding Member)
- UI/UX Interaction Product Designer (Founding Member)

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There’s an incredible amount of communication during the course of building a home. The owner invests lots of money, the architect invests lots of time, and the on-site construction manager just want to get things done. But, like every project, there’s a huge communication problem. We’ve solved that with- JITA, Just- In- Time- Architecture. JITA works in 3 simple steps.


  1. You upload your project.
  2. We set the milestones.
  3. We send SMS messages, each time a milestone is achieved or missed. Because texting is easy to use on the go.


Owner’s number 1 complaint, is that they don’t know what’s going on. And the Architect’s number 1 complaint is, they don’t know what’s going on. And the construction person, who’s in the field, number 1 complaint is, nobody is listening to their concerns. JITA puts everyone on the same page. JITA streamlines design and building communication, eliminated 80% of communication problems, saving you time, saving you money, and keeping you sane.


➟ 10/25 Frontend UI Design Complete
 10/29 - 11/22 Graph Workshop Onboarding Contributors
   10/29 - Class 1: Intro
   11/01 - Class 2: Data Storage
   11/05 - Class 3: Data Structure + API
   11/08 - Class 4: Frontend Website
   11/12 - Class 5: Hackathon
   11/15 - Class 6: Hackathon
   11/19 - Class 7: Hackathon
   11/22 - Class 8: Hackathon
 11/01 Backend UI Design Complete
 11/08 Frontend Development Complete
 11/26 Backend Development Complete
 11/30 MVP Launched

Rafeni Lee


Polley Wong

Polley Wong is a serial entrepreneur. She's the CEO of design technology and research company VIUSPACE (pronounces as View-space) and co-founded the Interior and Architecture design firm We Create Group with Interior Designer Briana Earl. She's a strong advocate for gender equality in the workplace and sponsors various STEM-related inclusion and diversity initiatives. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on industry and technology issues, and served as the co-chairwoman of the Architecture, Engineer & Construction Committee of VR/AR Association, the global industry association for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. Wong earned her Master of Arts degree in New York School of Interior Design, and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Ming Chuan University in Taiwan.

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