20-20 Women Lead Podcast


We are coming close to meet the original goal that releases 10 episodes by 2020, and the Openup summit is a good chance for us to share the process of making ta podcast.
我們已要達成原訂目標「2020 年前訪問 10 位女性、製作成 10 集、20 分鐘的節目、在每月的 20 號發佈。」,因此想在Open Up Summit裡分享製作方式與技術。

20-20 Women Lead Podcast is a 20-minute, pre-recorded monthly podcast show that launched in March 2019 under Women Who Code Taipei. Each episode features an interview with a female leader in tech who takes initiatives in adopting a new technique, designing innovative products/services, or creating new/alternative models. The initiative would be beneficial to the technology industry, and at least have developed into a prototype.

The goal of this podcast is to inspire more women to take up leadership roles in their respective fields and dare to challenge themselves to be the change they want to see in the world. We will publish 1 episode on the 20th till 2020 to forge and highlight the gender-balanced goal of tech leadership.


20-20 Women Lead Podcast 是由Women Who Code Taipei志工團共同製作,計畫希望能鼓舞科技女性勇於突破,逐漸消彌「科技業」兩性主管的比率差異。透過訪談,帶聽眾了解,正在踏出與眾不同一步的科技女性所作的事與心路歷程。




Podcast 已發佈第9集,正製作第10集,預計12/20號發佈,團隊將在12/6舉辦直播分享Podcast製作方式。

許荷(Lily Hsu)

邱子暄 (Emily)

Tai Tsao


Yiying Chen

Yiying Chen is one of the winners of 2018 Girls in Tech Taiwan 40 under 40.
She switches to work for technology industry from spatial science field. In the purpose of improving her programming and leadership skills, she joins Women Who Code Taipei and Toastmasters. As one of the few women in the workplace, she sees the need to encourage more women to join the technology field. For this reason, she devotes herself to lead the project of 20-20 women Lead podcast. Regardless of the lack of experience in producing any podcast, she took this challenge and started from scratch. She made this initiative and hoped to inspire more ladies would dare to take the lead to do something extraordinary.

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