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Celebrating Clear Vision | Technology, Sustainability, Culture, Circular Economy
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Engineering background, design, architecture, pr marketing, crm, venture capital

Festival 20/20's mission is to facilitate partnerships across critical industries to reinvent new business models, integrate climate action and retain international recognition for innovative solutions in tackling waste.

Festival 2020 message is, clear vision (2020 vision) the dates set are July 17,18,19 the following Monday is the 20 July 2020.

The event itself invites the public to enjoy a 3-day festival in which the participants feel like they are attending a circus show, all the components from the set, equipment, food stalls, performances are all focused on igniting curiosity. The details of the companies and partners can be assessed openly online for educational and research purposes.

The Festival 2020 platform and brand will provide a way to explore sustainable smart city projects as a collective community. We believe Decent Work & Economic Growth comes from people of all backgrounds working together. We can only work together when we understand each others language. We hope the festival can spark interest in young startups to think within the sustainable smart city frame work. A Fund will be formed after the festival to continue the spirit and values of festival 2020.

Industries: Education and Research, Business and Technology, Arts and Humanities.

Early Stage, forming core teams.



Founder and CEO of Tong Yi Xin Design Group

Ann Liao


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