Ann Yun-An Chu

BIM - Shaping the Future of Construction Data Management / BIM-塑造建築數據管理的未來

Every so often, a technological leap forward comes along with the potential to revolutionise the way an industry works. Building Information Modelling, usually shortened to BIM, is one such advancement for construction. BIM supports a transparent, open workflow, allowing project members to participate regardless of the software tools they use. Over the past few years, BIM has been the talk of the town in the AEC industry. Yet, there is a lot of confusion about BIM in construction and how it can help contractors. One common misconception is that BIM is merely a technology, or that it only refers to 3D design (though 3D models are indeed at the core of BIM). BIM is actually a process for creating and managing all of the information about a project, leading to an output known as a Building Information Model, which contains digital descriptions for every aspect of the physical project.Collaboration is also a key factor in successful project delivery. “Without collaboration, there is no progression.” With the rapid emergence of new technology, the ability to stay connected with industry leaders from across the world has never been easier. Connected information is powerful, and I believe that by working together people can deliver better results more efficiently.When working on a construction project that implementing a system of controlling the flow of information was vital. A CDE (Common Data Environment) is the gold standard for managing project information when multiple parties are involved.In this talk, you will learn what is construction BIM and how the industry is moving towards a digital future and open formats will result in increased collaboration, communication and universally usable tools.

Fr. Sr. Experience Designer


Ann is a Sr. Experience Designer and a Certified Design Thinking Instructor (LUMA) with 10 working experience in multinational corporations to service different type of project/business.

在過去的幾年中,BIM一直是 AEC 行業中的熱門話題。然而,關於建築中的BIM及其如何幫助承包商的問題,存在很多困惑。一個常見的誤解是BIM僅僅是一項技術,或者僅指3D設計(儘管3D模型確實是BIM的核心)。 BIM實際上是一個用於創建和管理有關項目的所有信息的過程,從而導致稱為建築信息模型的輸出,該輸出包含對物理項目各個方面的數字描述。 協作也是成功交付項目的關鍵因素。 「沒有合作,就沒有進步。」隨著新技術的迅速出現,與來自世界各地的行業領導者保持聯繫變得簡單。網路傳遞訊息的能力日漸強大,相信通過人們的共同努力,可以更有效地交付更好的結果。在進行建設項目時,實施控制信息流的系統至關重要, CDE(通用數據環境)是在涉及多個參與方時管理項目信息的黃金標準。在本講座中,您將了解什麼是建築BIM,以及行業如何朝著數位化未來發展,開放格式將使協作、通訊和通用工具的蓬勃發展。

Ann 是資深經驗設計師和認證設計思維導師(LUMA),在跨國公司中擁有10年工作經驗,有不同類型的項目/業務的經驗。

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