Briana Y. Earl

Democratized Leadership / 民主式領導

If we're utilizing open source code/design/people for business, whether is for or non-profit, we'll need to learn how to lead in a democratic way with a decentralized audience.


We Create Group

Briana is greatly interested in the world around us, and how we interpret that world. Currently as the CEO of an interior design company, We Create Group, my goal is to design and create the change we wish to see in the world. As a COO and Co-Founder of Viuspace, my role is to ensure the measures we create in the world have balance and a vision for growth. Before becoming an Interior Designer, my background in Sales & Marketing has afforded me many opportunities, working with some of the top brands in the foodservice industry. It was there that my drive for entrepreneurship was honed. As the co-founder of 2 start-ups, my role is to constantly test and critically review ideas and decisions that not only affect my company, but the concept of the built environment. I started my companies to ensure design’s survival and to create a path to success for future generations. My personal goal is to ready and prepare future designers in the digital space while cultivating the (human)intelligence and passion of design, opening the profession to many that do not have access, and accelerating the industry as a whole.


分散式人力資源與溝通系統專家 Briana,對我們身處的世界、其定義及被詮 釋方式,有超乎常人的好奇心。身為高科技室內設計公司 We Create Group 的 CEO,她希望讓世界透過設計與創造改善社會。作為 Viuspace 的 COO 和 Co-founder,她的職責是確保其全球拓展策略平衡、有效且穩定。

A Better Life With Open Source.






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