Catherine Gutierrez

Mapping the User Journey through Open Feedback / 通過開放反饋來繪製出使用者的旅程

The workshop is on gathering user feedback, transcribing it into user flows and translating it into constructive feedback that can later inform smart, empathetic UX designs.


Storytime UX

Catie is a game designer set out to make a strong social impact. She founded Storytime UX where she works with social impact games and apps to be sure that they make the impact they set out to make. At Hewlett Packard, she worked with UX veteran Sarah Deane to study the ways in which people interact with a website, app, video conferencing system or workspace. Previously, she had tested and developed VR games and worked as a team manager at Gameday VR lounge in the Bay Area, and was also a quality assurance analyst at Electronic Arts, where she worked on the development of the Sims video game, performed grey/white box testing of game builds, used Jira to create performance reports, and researched UX for game players. She is the founder of Bay Area Womxn in Games, which is home to over 500 womxn and allies in the game industry. For Catie, a fulfilled career means inspiring and educating others. She is involved in different causes for educational, NGO’s and social media non-profits, using her creative capacity and digital expertise. She has taught crafts, the English language, and algebra to students in grade school. Catie serves as a mentor for Project Beanstalk at the Kapor Center, where they develop a narrative platformer addressing the LGBT experience. Catie holds a masters from Savannah College of Art and Design in Interactive Design and Game Development and a BA in Digital Media from the University of California at Santa Cruz.


Catie 是一位致力於產生強大社會影響力的遊戲設計師。她創建了Storytime UX,幫助社交影響力遊戲和應用程式以確保它們能夠發揮其應有的影響力。

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