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Open Source Communities in Taiwan / 台灣開源社群座談



Denny Huang- data engineer at Rayak Inc., a lifetime tech lover. Denny co-founded SITCON- A student-founded organization with mission to help, mentor and teach each other data, coding, engineering to lower the barriers to open source contribution. Denny believes SITCON is -a platform where tech wizards could freely share their works and insights; a summit, where clubs and societies can gather and meet new friends; a community, where newcomers may be enlightened through their journey toward IT world.

現任雷亞遊戲 Rayark Inc.資料工程師,SITCON 學生計算機年會共同創辦人,Denny 鼓勵後輩自學資訊方面的知識跳脫現有教育體制的限制,打造以學生為核心的資訊年會SITCON。以「學以致用、教學相長」的方式把所有對資訊有興趣的學生在年會裏齊聚一堂,培養一屆又一屆的學生彼此激盪、傳承、啟發。

​Open UP

Global Summit 2020


​早鳥組合票 包含兩天年會和六場工作坊


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