Doan Kieu My

How Open Source Will Change the World / 開源將如何改變世界

Kimiko founded YellowBlocks - a bridge between tech, business and marketing. She has also met multiple thought leaders in the technology field globally and regionally. In this quick session, after looking at the most interesting statistics from the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2018 report, the audience might discover some underlying principles that are forming the Future of Work. With Kimiko's personal example of her "hybrid job" - the role that mix and match skill sets from different fields, the audience can then plan out their ways to connect the dots.



Tech Geeks x Business x Marketing. Kimiko is a formula for differentiation. In her career, she has been actively involved in management level of various functions including HR, global business development, marketing strategy planning and execution (IMC, B2B and B2C, premium events and festivals organization, nationwide activation and trade marketing, video production), training.. across multiple industries i.e. FMCG, Education, and Technology. Kimiko graduated with Merit from the Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) in Telecommunications while being a member of MENSA UK and the hackers' network. She also holds an MBA degree with First Class Honor at the University of Gloucestershire (UK). For the last 10 years, she consulted and led 30+ high-profile multi-million marketing projects for premium brands, organized the most prestigious competition for Marketing/Communications Industry in Vietnam for Cannes Lions, and contributed vastly to the brand value growth of one of the upcoming leading Blockchain R&D labs in Asia. She finally decided to “connect the dots” of her technical, business and marketing background and embarked on her independent journey of advocating Emerging Technologies (AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data) to scale the positive impacts. . My is a frequent speaker and panelist at various global technology, business and marketing conferences. She also contributed great articles to Nhip cau dau tu, Business Insider, Vietcetera... Recently My was nominated as the Top 20 Young Leaders in Australia - Vietnam bilateral relationships in 2019 thanks to her contribution to the open innovation ecosystem in Vietnam. In her free time, she spends most time to appreciate contemporary arts, philosophies, support various community causes, and practice meditation

Kimiko 這次帶來的講題將以自身過去經驗,分享未來工作的樣貌 - 混合工作技能 hybrid job,應該如何連結、並結合多種領域的不同技能,也告訴參與者該如何規劃並連結自身的不同技能,產出職場差異化公式。

"技術人x商業x營銷“ -,這是 Kimiko 的職場差異化公式,Kimiko 在職涯中,積極參與多種管理層級,包含人力資源、全球商務開發、市場策略策劃以及執行 ( 包含整合行銷、B2B、B2C以及進階會員活動、節慶行銷組合、通路行銷、影片製作)、培訓等,經驗橫跨多個行業,如 FMCG、教育產業以及科技業。

A Better Life With Open Source.






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