Eriol Fox

Open Design Workshop for Humanitarian Challenge / 人道挑戰開放設計工作坊

We’ll be working on active issues in an open source tool by Ushahidi called TenFour ( TenFour is a crisis communication tool that helps people stay in touch when there is a disaster and manage the recovery phase of a disaster. The disaster we’ll be keeping in mind when designing solutions are typhoons and hurricanes that occur in Taiwan in recent years.


UX designer


Eriol is a product & UX designer who has worked in-house roles for 9+ years. Now working at Ushahidi, a humanitarian, non-profit technology leader, developing open-source, digital tools to help people with better democratic process, human rights issues, natural and human-made disasters. Eriol is a non-binary, queer person who uses they/them pronouns and an LGBTQIA+ advocate. They are deeply passionate about intersectional inclusion and promoting healthy attitudes towards mental health in the tech sector.

在本次工作坊中,我們將使用 Ushahidi 一個叫 TenFour(的開源工具來解決問題。TenFour是一種危機溝通工具,可以幫助人們在發生災難時保持聯繫並協助管理災難後的重建。我們將會藉著近年來台灣颱風造成的災害來設計解決方案。 第一天(12/1),我們將引入開放設計和開源工具 TenFour,與我們的颱風專家和災難目擊者一起建立共情,我們將組隊一起來了解颱風和Tenfour面臨的4個挑戰。12/1 到 12/7 之間,我們將透過 Slack 來設計與討論。第二天(12/7)我們將繼續分組討論並快速形成解決方案的雛型,發表並彼此提出反饋。

Ushahidi 透過遠端,為全球最邊緣的人們建立人道工具。為了解決「如何開放設計」的系統性問題,Ushahidi 設計師透過危機溝通工具 TenFour 和夥伴 Designit 及 Adobe 一起帶動社群。共同努力,用開放設計群找能解決問題的方案,讓所有人共同參與並用有意義的科技為世界貢獻,讓世界變得更好。