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Open Source Design with OSS Humanitarian tech tools / 使用 OSS人道主義技術工具進行開源設計

Open Source design has a plethora of hurdles to leap before it could become fully adopted by the global design community. Exploitative ‘work for free attitudes’, workflows and how design functions/roles connect up through a product life cycle, how our software doesn’t yet allow for robust and collaborative versioning across different designers and how the open source community as a whole, is over represented by those with privilege, access and ability. Ushahidi builds humanitarian tools, remotely for some of the most marginalised people across the globe. To tackle these systemic problems with how to ‘open source’ a design effort and bring the community along with the, ‘on-staff’ Ushahidi designers, we’ve been piloting a series of design jams on our crisis communication tool TenFour with our partners Designit and Adobe. Together, we’re looking to solve the problems with how open source design can work by engaging through meaningful technology that makes a difference in the world. We’re here to take you through that journey.

UX designer


Eriol is a product & UX designer who has worked in-house roles for 9+ years. Now working at Ushahidi, a humanitarian, non-profit technology leader, developing open-source, digital tools to help people with better democratic process, human rights issues, natural and human-made disasters. Eriol is a non-binary, queer person who uses they/them pronouns and an LGBTQIA+ advocate. They are deeply passionate about intersectional inclusion and promoting healthy attitudes towards mental health in the tech sector.

開放設計在被正式適用給全球設計社群之前,仍有許多要釐清的問題。自由工作、工作流程和如何設計功能串連成產品生命週期,我們的軟體還未能夠精準讓不同的設計師相互協作、版本控制、組成開源社群,仍有進入的障礙門檻。Ushahidi 透過遠端,為全球最邊緣的人們建立人道工具。為了解決「如何開放設計」的系統性問題,Ushahidi 設計師透過危機溝通工具 TenFour 和夥伴 Designit 及 Adobe 一起帶動社群。共同努力,用開放設計群找能解決問題的方案,讓所有人共同參與並用有意義的科技為世界貢獻,讓世界變得更好。

Eriol 是一名產品和用戶體驗設計師,在公司內部擔任了9年以上的工作。現在,他在人道主義、非盈利技術組織 Ushahidi 工作,開發開源工具,以幫助人們改善民主進程、人權、自然和人為災難等問題。 同時,Eriol 也是 LGBTQIA+ 倡導者。

A Better Life With Open Source.






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