Jackson Guo & Yuffie Chan

Greater Good: A Rental Platform That Matches Women's Needs

We are a team of Hong Kong teenagers creating the world's first rental platform for women that lets them try products before buying and brings continuous value to their unused products through renting. Each phrase in life brings women countless temporary needs. There are mums sacrificing their precious leisure time searching for these products, and meanwhile there are other ladies out there struggling to find space to store these products which have already satisfied their temporary needs. A perfect match is something to get us the best of both worlds. To rent and try before buying save you space and money for things that you truly need. Save space, save money, save the planet from unnecessary purchase.


Project Lead

Greater Good

We are a team of Hong Kong teenagers creating the world's first rental platform for women. Being language tutors for over 6 years, Jackson and Yuffie have encountered lots of mums but most of them share the same problem: constantly in despair about lack of space to store items. The search for space just never ends, especially in densely populated cities like Hong Kong. Although we cannot expand their living space, we create a way to transfer their unused items and even generate value from these idle items.


我們是一支由香港青少年組成的團隊,為世界上第一個女性出租平台提供服務。Jackson 和 Yuffie擔任語言老師已有6年以上的歷史,他們遇到過很多媽媽,其中大多數都面臨著同樣的問題:總是對缺乏儲物空間感到絕望。尋找空間永遠不會結束,尤其是在香港這樣人口稠密的城市。儘管我們無法擴大他們的生活空間,但我們創造了一種轉移未使用物品的方法,甚至可以從這些閒置物品中創造價值。