Justine L.T. Chua

Apply Design Thinking Principles to Create Your Dream Career! / 設計思考,創造專屬於你的夢幻職涯!

Can you apply design thinking to your career to understand what is it you want to be working on and towards? Absolutely! In this workshop, we’ll learn how to apply design thinking principles to ensure your career feels like it’s right for both the present and future you. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a framework to confidently make decisions in your career, including when to change jobs, and how to find the right positions.



Bumpy Career

Justine LT Chua writes and researches on interning and job hunting for Filipino college students through her blog, The Border Collective (soon to be transitioned to The Bumpy Career). She's run over 10+ workshops and given 50+ talks on effective job hunting and career planning for Gen Z college students. She's also coached over 280+ < 25 year olds figure out how to get from where they are to the future they want using the same job hunting strategies she teaches. Currently, she's conducting a research with 2000 Gen Z Filipinos on what they think needs to be updated in the working landscape, given rising technology and future of work trends. Using the preliminary data, she’s worked with SMBs and university organizations to create systems that promote Gen Z career and personal development. Justine also freelance consults on niche content marketing for SMBs, particularly on soft selling through social media, and for establishing upcoming thought leaders through expertise banks, mainly via blogging and social media. She juggles all this while working full-time as a management trainee at Unilever.


Justine LT Chua 通過她的部落格 The Bumpy Career,為菲律賓大學生撰寫實習生和尋找工作的研究。她舉辦了10多次研討會,並為Z世代的大學生進行了50多次有關有效求職和職業規劃的演講。她培訓了280多名25歲以下的年輕人,幫助他們使用與她講授的求職策略來釐清如何從目前的狀態走向未來。目前,她正在與 2000 名 Z世代的菲律賓人進行研究,考慮到技術的進步和工作趨勢的未來,他們認為需要在工作環境中進行創新,她使用初步數據與中小型企業和大學組織合作,創建了促進Z世代職業和個人發展的系統。Justine 也為中小型企業提供利基內容行銷方面的自由顧問,尤其是通過社交媒體進行軟性行銷方面的諮詢。