Ong Chin Hwee

Making Open Weather Data more Accessible: Extracting Seasonal Insights from Singapore Weather Station Data / 讓天氣數據資料開源-洞悉新加坡天氣站的季節性資料

Most of the world experience the four seasons, but how many seasons does a tropical country like Singapore have? We can get such insights from publicly-available weather data; however, we need to write scripts to make API requests to retrieve the data. In this talk, I will be sharing about a data-scraping tool that I have created to retrieve Singapore weather station data for a user-defined time period, and using a data-driven approach to gain a better understanding on the weather trends and seasons over the past few years.


Data Engineer

ST Engineering

Ong Chin Hwee is a data engineer, aspiring polymath and Industry 4.0 enthusiast who happens to be interested in things that fly (and stuff that burn to keep things flying). Hailing from a background in aerospace engineering and computational modelling, Chin Hwee has experience working on innovative projects in collaboration with academia and industry partners. Chin Hwee's latest project involves contributing to the documentation for pandas, an open-source Python library that is immensely useful for anything related to data.

世界上大多數國家都經歷了四個季節,但是像新加坡這樣的熱帶國家呢?我們可以從公開的天氣數據中獲得此類見解;但是,我們需要編寫腳本來發出API請求以檢索數據。在本次演講中, Ong Chin Hwee 將分享一個她實作的數據抓取工具,該工具用於檢索用戶定義的時間段內的新加坡氣象站數據,透過數據更了解天氣趨勢和季節。

喜愛數據資料成癡的 Ong Chin Hwee擁有航太工程和資訊運算建模的背景,長期是開源專案的貢獻者。近來參與的開源軟體是pandas,作爲資料分析基石的Pandas 是 Python 用來處理表格型態資料的核心套件。