Polley Wong

Co-lab: JITA

Founder & CEO


Polley Wong is a serial entrepreneur, co-founded and oversees Viuspace.com and We Create Group, two NY-based companies focused on architecture and interior design technology research and adaptation. As a passionate advocate for gender equality in the workplace, Polley sponsored various STEM-related inclusion and diversity initiatives. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on industry and technology issues, and has published articles in a variety of publications. She also serves as co-chairwoman of Architecture, Engineer & Construction Committee of VR/AR Association, the global industry association for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. Polley earned her master of art degree in New York School of Interior Design, and bachelor of science degree in computer engineering from the Ming Chuan University in Taiwan.

Polley Wong是一位連續企業家,是混合實境(MR)企業 VIU.SPACE 以及建築和室內設計工作室 WE CREATE GROUP 的共同創辦人。 作為工作場所性別平等的積極倡導者,Polley 贊助了各種與 STEM 相關的包容性和多樣性計劃,她經常在有關工業和技術問題的會議上演講,並在各種出版物中發表文章。她還擔任過虛擬實境(VR)/ 擴增實境(AR)協會 - VRARA 共同理事,更是 Oculus Launch Pad 開發者計劃的第一批計畫參與者(Alumni)。

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