Sarah Yang

Five Steps for Hacking Creativity / 5步驟破解創意密碼

Creativity is the #1 skill companies need most after LinkedIn analyzed hundreds of thousands of job postings. LinkedIn noted that it’s because, “while robots are great at optimizing old ideas, organizations most need creative employees who can conceive the solutions of tomorrow." You’ll learn how to unlock your creative potential through five proven steps for hacking creativity on a regular basis.


Talent Brand & Diversity Lead


Sarah Yang is the Talent Brand & Diversity Lead at Getaround, the global carsharing leader. She has a 15+ year track record of producing award-winning videos and blogs that are popular and critically acclaimed. As a professional drummer, filmmaker, poet, and comedian, Sarah is a magnetic and animated speaker on creativity, storytelling, and diversity to global audiences ranging from 100-5000+.

你正在找工作/準備找下一份工作嗎? 未來工作可能跟你想的不一樣! 你也對未來工作充滿期待嗎? 你知道創意這兩字在未來工作中會更加的重要,不再只是一個可有可無的配角嗎?

Sarah Yang 是全球共享汽車領導者 Getaround 的人才品牌和多元化主管。她擁有超過15年的創作記錄,製作了屢獲殊榮的獲獎視頻和博客。作為專業的鼓手,電影製片人,詩人和喜劇演員,Sarah是一位充滿創意的勵志演講者,其創意,故事講述和多樣性吸引了全球 100-5000 多名觀眾。