Stan Leong

Openness is a Crucial Lesson in the 21st Century / 開放性在21世紀是ㄧ個重要的課題

As tech giants are increasingly gaining majority of digital power, open participation and collaboration are more crucial than before. How to keep an open culture is the fundamental lesson for everyone to ensure our world to keep evolving into a brighter and safer future.

VP and GM of Emerging Markets


As the VP and General Manager of Emerging Markets, Stan Leong is responsible for growing the Emerging Markets for Mozilla by creating and launching new products, solutions and dynamic business models unique to each country and region. Stan spent most of his career perfecting how to build global product and engineering teams that are passionate about identifying new, unmet market opportunities and have the horsepower to quickly go-to-market with innovative products and platforms.


作為新興市場副總裁兼總經理,Stan Leong 負責通過創建與發表新產品,解決方案和動態業務模型來開發Mozilla的新興市場。Stan 在其職業生涯的大部分時間裡都在建立優質的全球產品和讓熱衷於尋找新的,尚未被滿足的市場機會的優秀工程團隊具有能力用創新的產品和平台快速進入市場。

A Better Life With Open Source.






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