Tim Salau

How to Thrive in The Future of Work / 在未來職場趨勢中勝出!

The future isn’t generous to those who wait or play it safe. With the actively shifting technological landscape, every student, organization, and leader must find a way to adapt in a dynamic future where change is the only constant. Most discussions about the Future of Work only discuss the role of AI/Automation and the power of human potential is often an afterthought. In this talk, Tim, Mr. Future of Work, will discuss how in a dynamic future we must focus on what we can control as leaders and adapt to the constant state of change that will occur in society and the workplace.

Mr. Future of Work

Tim is a dynamic global community leader. He's the CEO & Co-founder of Guide, a social e-learning platform helping high school students learn essential life skills from their favorite creators, leads the Future of Work with WeWork as their Global Evangelist, and the founder of "Mentors & Mentees, a Guide community", a 10,000+ member community for students and professionals who want to take control of their careers to achieve career fulfillment and thrive in the Future of Work.

未來工作的樣貌會是什麼模樣? 領導者的角色又會如何轉變? 本場活動適合領導階級、資深主管一起參與! 隨著未來科技局勢的快速變動,多數談論未來工作的樣貌多圍繞在 AI 與自動化取代人力上,而人類的潛能、領導者的責任反而較少被討論,如何開發員工潛能同時也是未來職場領導者該有的責任與難題! 本次活動 Tim 將帶領你一起討論在多變的未來工作中,身為領導者應該專注的方向,並且如何在不斷變動的社會與工作場域中快速適應,一起了解新工作模式,解決領導困境,同時連結國際資源!

Tim 是一位充滿活力的全球社群領袖,他是 Guide 的創辦人,Guide 是一個社交電子學習平台,幫助高中學生從喜愛的創作者身上學習基本的生活技能。他同時是WeWork的全球傳道人,領導「未來工作」,也是 Mentors&Mentees, a Guide community 的創辦人,該社群總共有10,000多個成員,幫助希望控制自己的職涯以實現自我成就並在未來工作中蓬勃發展的學生和專業人士。

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