Wuulong Hsu / 哈爸

Journey from Maker Project to Civic Science Ecosystem / LASS - 由創客走向公民科學生態圈的旅程

LASS (The Location Aware Sensor System). Wuulong has been designing and building an open-source location-aware sensor with those in the open source community. He displays all kinds of environmental data on the map, so it becomes accessible to the public. Pursuing environmental monitoring in an open-source, democratic way and push the government to make legal policies that are for the people. To this day, LASS has expanded to include different fields of application, such as forest protecting, flood sensing, and sea monitoring.



Wuulong Hsu, founder of LASS and founder of FBTUG. He has many years of experience in software and IC design and development management. Now he is transforming the runway to embrace open source technology. He believes that by cooperating with each other, constructing open resources and uniting each other's strength is the trend of the future technology wave. He created a sensational air pollution sensor "air box", a set of environmental sensing network system built by the people. He also founded “FBTUG”. He has developed an open source fruit-picking robot that allows the farm to “smartly” harvest the fruits of the whole garden 24 hours a day.

哈爸一直和開源社群成員們一起設計和建立一個開源的位置感知傳感器: LASS。他在網頁上用地圖顯示各種環境數據,讓大眾可以瀏覽,以開源和民主的方式進行環境監測,並推動政府制定適用於人民的法律政策。時至今日,LASS已擴展到包括森林保護,洪水感應和海洋監測等不同應用領域。

許武龍,大家都叫他「哈爸」,他是台灣創客和開源界圈的名人! 哈爸的事蹟多到說不完!哈爸擁有多年軟體與IC設計開發管理經驗,現在轉換跑道擁抱開源科技,相信透過相互合作,建構出開放的資源,凝聚彼此的力量就是未來科技浪潮的趨勢,他就是走在明日世代的最前端!他更以極低成本打造出轟動各界的空氣汙染感測器「空氣盒子」,一套由民眾自建的環境感測網路系統!不僅僅如此,哈爸更當起「FBTUG」該社群的召集人,目前開發出一台開源採果機器人的原型,朝向使農場能「智能化」自動採收整園的水果。

A Better Life With Open Source.






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