At Shiding (石碇), a small historical town, a road less traveled, a 30-40 minutes trip to the East of Taipei, is where you’ll find it: a rustic, communal noodle-making party. The taste of noodles orchestrates the setting: superior air and sunshine within a warm welcoming town. We will also prepare some additional local fanfare for you to enjoy! This will be followed by a fun "flowing noodles" experience from Japan. Come join us: Noodle party at Hsu’s Handmade Noodles Co. Are you ready?

Taiwanese Magic Noodle Mountain


On the bus ready to go!!




Arrive at Shiding 石碇


Making Noodles


Lunch Time

Shiding Local Food:

Shiding Tofu & Shiding Pork

& Shiding Rice Dumpling


Back to Taipei

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